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So, Who Am I?

Well, my name's Jade Scarfone. I'm 29 years young and have 
been working  online for a couple of years.

Up until that time, I was basically living the "normal" way of life, until I realised it wasn’t quite for me. Since graduating high school in 2005, I did everything that was expected of me. I went to university and studied, got myself a well regarded job in the finance industry, and began working my way up the corporate ladder.

Yet throughout my working life I always had a nagging feeling that it wasn’t enough.

You see, I love to travel! I've had the bug since a very young age. I have Italian background and my parents took me to Italy at the ripe age of 2. A few other family holidays, and a gap year after high school always left me wanting more.

What I've hated in every one of my jobs is not having the freedom to just go when I want, to have to answer to a boss and plan my holidays around when it suits the business.

I actually studied journalism with hopes and dreams of becoming a travel writer. But somewhere along the way I got stuck, I settled for the comfort of a well paying job in a comfortable industry. My part-time "while I'm at uni" job turned into my permanent 9-5 and my dreams got put on hold.

Until recently, every day my dreams kept getting stronger and stronger until I decided I had no option but to chase them. I quit my job to earn online while I travel.

And now I'm here to pay it forward; to be YOUR mentor to making your first $1 online. Myself, along with our team, will guide you through the Social Media Bootcamp training so you can have your own online success.

See you on the inside!
What Do You Receive In Your Training?
Mentor & Team Environment

We believe in team work and never leaving anyone on their own, so when you join this course you get access to our whole team of successful online entrepreneurs right from the get go.

As for a mentor, I will be your mentor. I will teach you what has worked for me in creating a full time online income and traveling the world when I want. I want you to achieve your goals, whatever they might be!

PDF Guides & Video Trainings

With each step, you will receive a training video plus downloadable PDF guides for you to keep referring back to again and again.

Each training will have actionable steps you can implement right away to start building your very own successful social media business.

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